Alba Street is alongside Medicinema Itala Onlus for the creation and management of channel number 1 “Medicinema” visible on the TVs of the Niguarda Hospital.
The channel offers films from the major film distribution companies, as well as original content produced by and for the association. Video reviews of the films screened in Medicinema theaters and those recently released in Italian cinemas are broadcast. There are also interviews with hospital patients, healthcare personnel, members of the association and celebrities from the entertainment world who support Medicinema.
Some of the contents will also be visible on the association’s web TV, accessible from the website
Alba Street has been collaborating with Medicinema for some time and supports it in managing the website, video and audio content, and social media.

Medicinema Italia is a non-profit association that uses cinema as therapy and builds and manages cinemas in hospitals. Many directors and actors support the association’s activities, as do the main film producers and distributors.
Medicinema does not just offer relief to patients but measures the effects of cinema viewing with research activities in collaboration with hospitals and universities.
As well as in theaters, the association also carries out its activity in streaming and develops projects in the area.

Among the most recent projects of Medicinema:
– ARDIRE: art as storytelling, for children who experience pediatric palliative care. It is an art therapy project for young patients of the Veneto Regional Center for Pain Relief and Palliative Care.
– Time to wait: the project is dedicated to women suffering from gynecological tumors, in collaboration with the Department of Clinical Psychology of the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome. Cinema is a new model of psychological support for patients.
– Ciak, Healing yourself together with the Kreativo cinema: the project involves monitoring the benefits of kinotherapy in the context of aging pathology, in collaboration with the University of Pavia, the Department of Cognitive Neuropsychology of the Niguarda Hospital in Milan, the Foundation Don Gnocchi and the Cineteca Milano Foundation.
– Youth and Cinema: this is a three-year cinema workshop for schools and social centers, in collaboration with the Cineteca Milano Foundation. The project provides for the monitoring of benefits and social impact, with the collaboration of the faculty of psychology of the Catholic University of Milan. During the three years, the participants study all the steps necessary for the production of a film: script, filming and post-production. Each project involves the making of a short film.

Medicinema Italia