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About Us

Our headquarter is in Milan, Italy, but we work with people and companies in every part of the world. Alba Street works together with multinational organizations and startups in many sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Cinema, Advertising, Automation, Robotics, Financial, Non Profit. We create for our partners new analysis and studies based on the most innovative tools. We also help them to realize the most ambitious tech projects: streaming platforms; dynamic websites; IT tools. AS manages complex projects in digital and IT sectors.  We have many passions: computer science, mathematics, statistics, big data, but also cinema, enterteinment and literature.

Tech Projects

We like to merge people and tools to find the best way to realize a technological project. We have created tools for business intelligence, e-learning, video enterteinment, web radio, intranet networks, social media management, ecommerce, surveys.  Alba Street uses data to read the world and help the organizations to understand which is the way they have to go. Our challenge is: allow our partners to easily manage the most complex processes. Our work processes allow us to always work in contact with customers to obtain the best results in the shortest time.

Data, Studies, Insights with a passion form Megatrends

With the help of data we can understand in which direction companies and markets are going. Today we have an impressive number of data available that must be treated competently to obtain important information about the future and development of each organization. With data and a little creativity we can design new scenarios.
We love megatrends: we do not only analyze the situation of a company nor only its reference market. We like to explore every area of the economy and society to try to understand the future.