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About Us

Alba Street works together with multinational organizations and startups in many sectors such as Financial, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Cinema, Advertising, Automation, Robotics, Non Profit. We create for our partners new analysis and studies based on the most innovative tools. alba street manages complex projects in digital and IT sectors.  We have many passions: computer science, mathematics, statistics, big data and more.


There is many information that can be obtained by analyzing the data on web. Instead other information can be be asked with surveys and polling platforms. After collecting the data, these must be processed and displayed to be read by professional analysts but not only them. We have created the most advanced tools to process and display this information and every day we do our best to improve them.

Market Insights

How is the digital presence of the competitors? With this information every company can improve his digital strategy obtaining important results. In recent years even companies that have not yet done so are investing energy to understand how to optimize the use of the web. We help our partners to understand the value of internet in every sector, the revenues to create future scenarios. Every business is a digital business.

Digital Advertising

According to Zenith’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts, internet advertising will account for 52% of global advertising spending in 2021. There are many advertising digital channels and, first of all, an organization must identify suitable ones for his strategy. Specific skills are required to manage them effectively. We manage advertising campaigns on a national and international scale for startups and large companies.

Web Analytics

Monitoring the results of your digital presence helps every organization to understand which tool works properly and what can be improved. This approach is the right one to increase visits to corporate websites, apps and social channels, but it is especially important to increase their quality. Today the study of web performance is a fundamental part of the management control process.


Alba Street is cofounder and active manager of several startups in different sectors: Big Data, Robotics, Ecommerce. We always look for new ideas to be implemented, and brilliant people to work together. In some case we are involved in every area of management: business planning, finance, management control, logistics and more. Contact us to discover more about our startups if you want to work with us or to invest.

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